Consensus Circle – Challenge Your Ideas | Decentralize.Today x Particl

Asia Blockchain Review
May 28, 2019

Maximalists and Multi-Coiners.

Regulators and Anarchists.

Centralizers and Decentralizers.

Traders and HODLers.

Carnivores and Vegetarians.

How do they react when their views are challenged, and what can they agree on?

Inspired by the successful Youtube series “Middleground,” this event kicks off a three-part series full of activities, events, contests, and giveaways, courtesy of our sponsor Particl!

Our Panelists:

→ Jay Villarante, Founder @ Paylance

→ Erica Valerio, Head of Business Development @ SCI

→ Caspar Oostendorp, Co-Founder @ Oost&Voort and BlockDevs

→ Leah Callon-Butler, Co-Founder & CMO @

→ Edsel Tupaz, Partner @ Gorriceta Africa Cauton & Saavedra

→ Mark Vernon, Founder @ TagCash

Where do their ideas differ? Where do they align? And where do you stand?



  • 6:00 | Kick-off with an intro to the Particl Project, announcements from Decentralize.Today and SCI, and a look at the issue of privacy in the industry
  • 6:15 | Consensus Circle: six panelists up close
  • 7:00 | Get your networking in, while you grab dinner and goodies!

Event Partner:

Particl is an open-source and decentralized privacy platform built on blockchain specifically designed to work with any cryptocurrency. It allows decentralized applications (dApps) of all sorts to be built within a secure, privacy-focused environment and integrated directly into Particl’s official wallet. Particl’s mission is to foster a new decentralized, private, and democratic economy supported by its platform and native currency.

The first dApp on the Particl platform is the Particl Open Marketplace, a decentralized marketplace built with privacy at its core to offer a low-cost, secure, and scalable eCommerce experience. Designed to work with almost any coin, it uses several privacy-enhancing features and is exclusively governed by the Particl community which also reaps all fees generated by the marketplace.


The Contest

We’re really grateful that is generously giving away US$600 in a special photo contest that will run throughout our three-part meetup series. You’ll have the chance to win prizes after each event and take home the grand prize when we conclude the series!

To learn how you can #takePART, read the pinned message in our Telegram group:


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