Crypto Valley of Asia, what’s next?

November 20, 2018

The Race to be Crypto Valley of Asia is going on among Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines. They are playing a game that other countries in the Asia Pacific will no doubt soon enter with their own sponsored cities.

These countries have the same ambitious aim to be to crypto what Silicon Valley is to Tech – where the very best companies in the cryptocurrency space congregate, collaborate, and upgrade themselves through both collaboration and competition.

This thinking is interesting. Even if the technologies are now decentralized and can be used from anywhere, it is still ideal for the cryptocurrency industry to be located in a particular city. The crypto valley will allow people to have face-to-face meetings, work directly, with possibility to have contingent encounters. This is a particularly important possibility in Silicon Valley. People are a groundwork factor of any company, even if it is in the technology field.

In the most beautiful scenario of the Crypto Valley in Asia, the top crypto companies from the west would have regional offices and even relocate. This is just the beginning but the opportunities are clear. This will mean that high-value jobs will be created within local small businesses which would then pump money back into the city via taxes. And this is just one benefit amongst thousands, both for the private citizen and its government. This is the motivation fuel for public and private leaders to get the ball rolling and actualize this scenario.

This begs the question – what could be an even greater aim than a Crypto Valley? To public and private leaders in these countries one thing certainly stands out – Crypto Tourism. Everybody is seeing companies in this crypto space are  reshifting tourism for example: Airbnb-like CryptoCribs and Blockchain Cruise. In the most modern-day case scenario, travelers no longer need to exchange money to pay for their trip.

Crypto tourism can be much more than this. Similar to Hollywood, a location used to incubate impossible dreams and a collection of talent  – everything from acting, directing, editing, special effects, and other aspects of production all around the world until it broke all barriers of nationality, language, culture, etc. People nowadays want to see the Hollywood sign, the walk of fame, and other landmarks in the area. They come to experience the place where dreams are made. Crypto Valley now seems impossible just like Hollywood years ago. Imaging when it is done, there will be another place where impossible dreams really do come true.

After making the Crypto Valley of Asia, countries should aim for something similar. Attracting domestic and international tourists with the promise of the future should be done. This will help them spread their influence to anyone with a passing interest in the vision of the new world. The expanding will support the implementation of cryptocurrency tech across these hubs. It has to present itself everywhere so Tourists can get used to it and see it as the benchmark norm. Fortunately, Some Tech companies in Asia have products which can populate a tourist-friendly Crypto Valley.

As a first step, The Crypto Valleys can deploy cryptocurrency ATMs such as Bitcoin ATMs of Bitcoin Exchange from Singapore and some kind of cryptocurrencies from other providers to help people get cryptocurrency everywhere they want. This is similar to the way that normal ATMs from multiple banks are present everywhere in each city.

Of course, Crypto Valley has also to create some places for people keeping cryptocurrencies to spend them. PundiX from Indonesia gives us a solution that they created Pundi XPOS devices allow clients transact crypto using the Pundi XPASS card. It is being rolled out from many parts of the world and yielding all kinds of successes.

Besides deploying tech in diverse locations like the way FAMA Group did in Hong Kong and Ultra Taiwan 2018, companies could do the most striking deployment at a Crypto Valley. It would be fascinating when you are able to pay for everything you want from a small business or vendor by using crypto via Pundi XPOS. A cutting-edge technology created and adapted by everyone in the area is an important mark that you’re parachuting into the future.

These are visions of what a tourist-friendly Crypto Valley might look like. Building hubs across Asia is a challenge for the public and private leaders. The work zoning where crypto companies should locate their offices is getting a great start. But we can do something more, such as using them as a living example on the way cryptocurrency shapes the world. People will undoubtedly want to see it from each corner of the world.


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