EOS DApps that will Lead in 2019

February 20, 2019

Cryptocurrency markets have swung wildly between bullish and bearish. The increased volatility of cryptocurrency prices remained a point of concern until February 8th, when the market witnessed a stable price growth.

Despite the price decline, Coinbase reported consistent growth in a number of new crypto trading accounts.  Every day, around 70,000 to 100,000 new crypto trading accounts are opened on the platform. This rise is driven primarily by the potential of blockchain technology.

Dedicated decentralized App (dApp) projects are fortifying the technology use cases, rather than concentrating on cryptocurrencies. Ethereum ranks the highest among dApp platforms, with 2,551 dApps, followed by TRON and EOS.

The EOS platform offers 214 dApps to its roughly 79,600 daily active users. While these are primarily gaming Apps, there are other genres available also. Let’s take a look at the 10 leading EOS dApps.

1) PRA CandyBox

PRA CandyBox is an EOS distribution dApp. It became the first advertising dApp based on EOS, with the largest number of on-chain users. Serving more than 20 EOS projects, PRA CandyBox is launched in 26 wallets. With strong community support on EOS, the dApp allows users to claim tokens every four hours. The higher the EPRA token deposits, the higher a user’s level and the more often they can claim EPRA.

The dApp is supported by other wallets such as NOVA, EOS MEET.ONE, Lynx, MathWallet, TokenPocket, Lynx and more.

2) EOSKnights

As the first mobile game based on the EOS blockchain, it has a lot of followers. As all actions are run on smart contracts, gamers can collect materials, craft items, adopt in-game pets, and trade the items for EOS in the market. Users of the 6-month-old gaming dApp earn a smart contract during gameplay, and all contracts are stored on the EOS blockchain.

3) Hold’em PokerKing

Gambling is the most popular genre among the EOS dApps. Hold’em PokerKing is the first professional Texas Hold’em on the EOS Blockchain. As a gaming platform, it aims to revamp the classic experience, while sharing benefits with the players. The winnings are based on smart contracts, ensuring higher security and guarantees for receiving funds. As the 3rd most popular EOS dApp, PokerKing supports users at any given time.

4) Big Game

The fourth most popular dApp, BIG.GAME provides a fair casino gaming platform to gambling enthusiasts. The games offer many variations and have diverse rules to keep gameplay interesting. Users earn points during gameplay and a bonus for referring it to friends. Currently, the platform has two games, Dice and Lotto. More games, including Tri Card Poker and SicBo, are expected soon. BIG.GAME is a convenient, secure and transparent casino based on the EOS blockchain.

5) EOSBet

A completely player-centric gambling experience makes EOSBet a popular blockchain-based casino. Operating in a regulated manner, the app garnered attention because of its online casino license from Curaçao. With near-zero fees, the dApp provides better transparency and trust in the casino ecosystem. The platform is trying to build functionalities that will also allow BTC and ETH payments, so that even non-EOS holders can play. Despite the recent hack reports, the platform is the fifth most popular EOS dApp.

6) FarmEOS

The Bancor algorithm makes FarmEOS the fastest and most efficient game. The players become shareholders by placing EOS bets, where they win the FARM tokens. The dApp dividend weight is determined by the amount of betting and the current price of FARM tokens. Currently, the platform offers seven games to users from different genres like Dice, Crash, Roulette, Farm 3D, Minefield, and more.

7) FastWin

The FASTWIN platform has caught a lot of attention for allowing users to place bets anonymously.  It is an online gambling platform that uses concepts of blockchain and finance.

Protecting the privacy of its users, players win FAST tokens. They automatically become shareholders and receive profit dividends. It is a decentralized platform that offers secure and fair gambling opportunities. In addition to FAST tokens, bets are mainly placed using the EOS coin.

8) EOSHash

Another dApp that makes online gambling easy, simple and fair. It uses a hash to draw winning lottery numbers. The hash it uses is called EOSHash, making it the fairest decentralized casino based on the lottery system. It offers generous rewards and the highest referral bonuses.

9) Karma

As a decentralized social network, KARMA incentivizes its platform users. Popularly known as the Instagram of the blockchain world, KARMA ranks as the 9th most popular EOS dApp. The dApp aims to inspire good deeds, by incentivizing positive interactions as well as witnessing and validating them.

Karma tokens can be distributed with family and friends who need it. In a sea of gambling dApps, KARMA is a nobler EOS-based platform.

10) QuickWin

QuickWin is another lottery dApp. Players can win both EOS and WIN. Players place a bet and pick seven numbers between 1 to 30.  Four out of the seven numbers are revealed every 5 minutes. The more numbers revealed, the greater the chance of winning.

If a betting round has no winner, the profits are distributed equally among all the players. If players join the betting round early, they can earn WIN tokens.

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