From Seoul to Saigon – Blockchain Networking Night


Let’s gather for a vibrant blockchain networking night with our friends from South Korea. This impromptu meetup is jointly organized by AlphaNonce, Nonce, KryptoSeoul and Asia Blockchain Review. Food and drinks will be provided so let’s come and join us!


About Alphanonce:

Alphanonce is a crypto trading team based in Singapore & Hongkong; implementing Quant Trading, Market Making, Investment, and OTC business.

With the expertise in finance industry and quant-trading technology, alphanonce conservatively achieve return by implementing the risk-neutral arbitrage trading strategies & long-term investment. Also we provide a legit market making service to projects. We are planning to launch our OTC Service after middle of August.

About Nonce:

Nonce is a co-living, co-working community located in the heart of Seoul, Korea, a physical basecamp for curated independent business units and self-sovereign individuals dedicated to blockchain and a braver world. nonce houses around 70 researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs in the area of blockchain, AI, law, economics, finance and social impact.

About Asia Blockchain Review:

Asia Blockchain Review is the largest initiative for media and community building in Asia for blockchain technology.

It aims to connect all blockchain enthusiasts on a regional scale and facilitate the technological foundation of blockchain through a range of group discussions, technical workshops, conferences, and consulting programs.

Our goal is to cultivate and encourage a collaborative community for our members to gather, share their experiences and endeavors in the blockchain space, and brainstorm the potential uses of blockchain technology.

About KryptoSeoul:

KryptoSeoul is a leading community building team based in Seoul, Korea. It has hosted over 20 meetups in Seoul as well as other cities like SF, New York, and Tokyo. KryptoSeoul is also the host of BUIDL Asia 2019 and BUIDL Seoul 2018 conferences, the largest blockchain technical conference in Asia.

15 Aug 2019

Soho Cafe Lounge



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