IDC: 61% of Thai GDP will be Digital by 2022

March 21, 2019

As Thailand embraces the digital development of its advancing economy, US-based global market intelligence firm IDC has forecast that 61 percent of Thailand’s economy will be digitalized by 2022.

IDC said the digitalized economy will lead to more “intense competition” and that the shift towards a digital economy will create a wealth of opportunities for companies designing and selling information technology (IT) products to serve and facilitate new models for business and the economy.

Anchalee Sudechawongsakul, market analyst of software at IDC Thailand, said, “The race to reinvent is inevitable, and we foresee a steady growth in adoption of emerging technologies in the country mainly because Thailand is working to improve economic growth by shifting its economy from an industry-driven country to one that is driven by high-tech innovations.”

She added, “Innovation will continue to disrupt every industry and business leader[s] should focus on technologies that enable business outcomes. This is the right time to realize that enabling the digital industry will drive other industries to grow as well.”

The following are 10 key trends, which carry with them opportunities and challenges for IT personnel in the future:

  1. By 2022, over 61 percent of Thai GDP will be digitalized, driving US$72 billion in IT-related spending from 2019 through 2022.
  2. By 2022, 20 percent of enterprises will use conversational speech tech for customer engagement. By 2024, AI-enabled user interfaces and process automation will replace one-third of today’s screen-based apps.
  3. By 2022, 60 percent of IT spending will be on Third Platform technologies, as over 30 percent of all enterprises build digitally native IT environments.
  4. By 2022, 70 percent of new apps will feature microservices architectures that improve the ability to design, debug, update, and leverage third-party code, and 25 percent of all production apps will be cloud-native.
  5. By 2022, over 20 percent of organizations’ cloud deployments will include edge computing, and 25 percent of endpoint devices and systems will execute AI algorithms.
  6. By 2022, 15 percent of public cloud computing will be based on non-x86 processors, and organizations will spend more on vertical SaaS apps than horizontal apps.
  7. By 2022, the top four cloud “mega platforms” will host 80 percent of IaaS/PaaS deployments, but by 2023, 70 percent of Thailand 100 (T100) organizations will mitigate lock-in through multi-cloud/hybrid technologies and tools.
  8. By 2023, 25 percent of servers will encrypt data at rest and in motion, over 20 percent of security alerts will be handled by AI-powered automation, and 3.5 million people will have blockchain-based digital identities.
  9. From 2018 to 2023, 4 million new logical apps will be created in Thailand.
  10. By 2024, a new class of professional developers producing code without custom scripting will expand the developer population by 20 percent.

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