Kickstarting Next X Asia Singapore: Not Just Another Gathering for Emerging Technology Players

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March 16, 2019

Next X Asia is thrilled to announce our inaugural meetup in Singapore. It will be taking place next Thursday evening on March 21st, 7pm focusing on the theme, “Building Next-Gen Ecosystems: Learnings from Japan and Singapore”. You will hear about emerging technologies including artificial intelligence and blockchain and we love to have your company at our networking session starting at 9pm. We will be hosting our Meetup at a beautiful and brand new space called Found8 Anson.

We are honoured to invite researchers, academics and industry leaders to share and participate in an exciting panel discussion about the “Lessons from Japan and Singapore: What Are The Ingredients to Building The Next-Generation Tech Ecosystem?”. Expect a vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives from our distinguished panelists who come from diverse backgrounds.

Speaker Introduction

Yasunori Motani
Founding Member of Next X Asia
Executive Director of Connectome

At Connectome, Yasunori is focusing on decentralized “AI × AR × Blockchain” technology for Smart Space, building a world where humans can trust AI. Previously, he launched “LINE Pay” and conducted business strategy/ service planning at LINE. He was also involved in management accounting and business management at Hitachi.

Professor Dr. Pierre Brunswick
CEO of NeuroMem Technologies

Dr. Pierre brings over 40 years of international experience in business development, sales, marketing, engineering, finance and incubators to his role of CEO at Neuromem. Throughout his career, he has managed a region covering 94 countries and 9 local offices. He has helped customers complete large projects and implement the right strategy to grow, merge, acquire new businesses, go public, hire the necessary talent and establish local offices as well as form joint ventures. He has developed significant local government relationships (including technology transfers, big infrastructure projects and top technology specific programs), working with financial institutions & elaborated many educational programs, including incubators for start-ups.

Dr. Tan Chong Hui
Head of Finance Programme
School of Business, SUSS

Dr Tan Chong Hui is Head of the Finance Programme in the School of Business at SUSS, where he has been a faculty member since 2013. He graduated from UCLA with a PhD in mathematics. He has rich experience in teaching computational and quantitative finance as well as applied computing technology to undergraduate and post-graduate students. He has also conducted executive training programmes in the finance industry. His research interest lies in the areas of fintech, human sociality and hybrid modelling. He is currently developing the discipline of FIS (Financial Information Science).

Dr. Ailiya Borjigin
NTU – Researcher
Co-founder of Horizontal Education

Dr. Ailiya specialises in new disruptive Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches in Education that synergise human intelligence, artificial intelligence and behavior data analytics (AI powered by humans). She is the co-founder of Horizontal Education, a research-led company delivering high quality Artificial Intelligence (AI) education and STEAM education to serve students’ learning needs for future readiness through both online platform and offline classrooms.

Yuji Akaba
Co-founder and Managing Director of Breakthrough Partners
Advisor and Incubation Manager of BINARYSTAR

Yuji is an advisor and incubation manager of BINARYSTAR, the largest blockchain incubator in Japan. He is also a shareholder and an advisor of Infinity Blockchain Holdings (IBH), the parent company of Infinity Blockchain Labs, one of the largest blockchain R&D companies with 280 people in Vietnam. He is also a Managing Director of Breakthrough Partners based in Tokyo. Their mission is to support entrepreneurs as well as large corporations.

Atsushi Ishii
CEO of Couger Inc. Japan
Co-founder of Connectome

Together with Yasunori, Atsushi is currently leading the development of Connectome using AI, AR, and Blockchain. Formerly from IBM, he later developed search engines at major companies Rakuten and Infoseek. He went on to found Couger, where he led the teams in Japan, US, and South Korea in developing multiple top-selling online games.


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As this is the very first Next X Asia Meetup, we would like to meet all of you emerging tech enthusiasts to learn from your perspectives about the industry and ways we can contribute in the future.

To find out more about the Meetup, please click here.

For other enquiries

Please contact Crystal at [email protected] if you have any questions or wish to join us as a speaker for our future meetups.

What is a Next X Asia Meetup?

Next X Asia Meetups are about bringing together major change-makers and influencers in the technology space. Following the success and influence of Silicon Valley and Shenzhen, Next X Asia hopes to build an ecosystem that carries a global impact.

We believe in collaboration and the power of discussion and brainstorming. This is why we strive to gather innovative enterprises, academic institutions, and government agencies to share and discuss next generation technologies and their applications.


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