Microsoft collaborates with two China companies to build blockchain infrastructure for enterprises
AUTHOR: admin August 7, 2018

According to the press release on June 28, Microsoft Taiwan has partnered with two Chinese companies: Hot Cool – cloud management service provider and Digital China –  IT service provider, altogether to provide blockchain solutions to enhance e-commerce, finance, entertainment and other different industries.

Microsoft Azure Workbench will be the underlay infrastructure and pre-existing network for development. Microsoft will offer an SQL database, key vault and, of course, the Azure Active Directory. The founder of Digital China express his belief that Workbench will play a significant role in the China’s blockchain development at a large scale.

General Manager of Hot Cool strongly believes in the cooperation and indicates the work later can make the use of cloud computing services as easy and necessary as the use of water and electricity.

Taiwan seeks to be the next global blockchain hub

Sun Jikang, the General Manager of Microsoft Taiwan, considered that Taiwan posses first-class engineering and technology talents with innovative thinking. Regarding to the initiative, it could also be a great momentum to position Taiwan as one of the global blockchain hubs.

Additionally, he suggested blockchain technology should be integrated with other technology like IoT, AI to broaden its application. With this cooperation, the possibility for new blockchain deals in Taiwan could be increased.

At the Asia Blockchain Summit held in Taipei, Director of the Chinese National Development Council Chen Mei-ling indicate his hope that Taiwan will be the next international blockchain hub in a very near future. The country also marks the country’s digital transformation as their national top priority.

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