New blockchain laboratory established by Chinese Academy of Sciences
AUTHOR: admin August 7, 2018

China’s federal science institution, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), is making the effort in adopt blockchain technology to the country.

According to People Daily, CAS representative has revealed the launching of Big Data and Blockchain Lab in a seminar on June 15. This lab is in the collaboration between the Academy and Beijing blockchain startup named Tai Cloud Corp. It action concentrates to study blockchain technology from a mathematical perspective and also nurture talents for the market demand.

Deputy director Center for Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Sciences, Mr Xiaoshan Gao shared his belief the role of mathematical methods to solve core blockchain issues.

Subsequently to the endorsement of Mr Xi Jinping –  Chinese President at the annual hosted by CAS in May this year, the lab is considered as the latest move by this academy regarding to blockchain development.

Previously on Coindesk, CAS also shared that they are planning to implement a platform that can support public, private and consortium blockchains altogether.

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