TECHNOMART: Adding Value through Blockchain
AUTHOR: editor October 22, 2018

On October 24th, Infinity Blockchain Ventures (IBV) is partnering up with Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) to present a 4-hour in-depth overview of blockchain potential in Malaysia, titled  “TECHNOMART: Adding Value through Blockchain”. 

Alongside will be ACCESS Malaysia, University of Malaya, IBL Group, Blocklime, and VTOS to give insights into specific industries as well as to explore highlight areas such as talent development and acquisition, through international experiences.

In addition to their diverse roster of partners, the event will feature keynote speakers from the industry, from various corners:

    • From the University of Malaya, Nur Husna Zakaria, who teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Corporate & Competition Law, will share about RegTech Cube, the industry-academia collaboration on RegTech research. She is also featured in our panel discussion on talent development.
    • Adam Mashrique is a Committee Executive of ACCESS Malaysia, and the Chief Innovation Officer of LuxTag. As a blockchain application architect and an expert in helping startups with product prototyping and advisory, he will bring interesting insights to the panel which tap into one of the most featured topics – Talent Development.
    • Building off the discussion on facilitating talents topic will be Harpreet Singh Maan, Co-Founder & CEO of Blocklime. Harpreet envisions a future where blockchain not only solves real life issues but truly establishes the trust between tech and people. On his blockchain journey, he realized that the ecosystem has a lack of talent, especially in SEA region. Following that journey, he began to strongly believe how crucial it is to build talent by increasing blockchain awareness, building blockchain communities, and focussing on training.
    • Charlie Bussat, Marketing Co-Leader of Infinito, IBL Group, is a dynamic innovator with the vision to enable blockchain mass adoption for businesses and consumers through the ultimate Infinito Ecosystem. He has more than five years of professional experience in the field of Digital Marketing. With his experiences, he will bring insights on blockchain mass adoption and feature in the talent development panel.
    • Wong Phooi Hong is Co-Founder & CEO of Vehicle Telematics Online Services Sdn Bhd (VTOS). With his 40 years of experience in the engineering consultancy, insurance, loss adjusting and ICT industries, he is sure to offer worldly insight and weigh in on blockchain in engine data and telematics topic from various different angles.

We hope to see you on October 24th, at MIGHT Partnership Hub, Cyberjaya, Selangor for some engaging and in-depth discussions as well as networking. If you can’t make it to this event, we will continue to host dozens of events so we’ll catch you at the next one!


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